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Providing specialist advice, our business advisers support and empower you, giving you the confidence to grow your organisation.

Is your business structure right for you?

Whether you’re just starting out, are running an established business, or are considering a business investment, it’s critical to ensure you’re operating under the right structure. This is because each business type is affected differently by factors such as tax, personal liability and asset protection.

It’s also important to understand that changing your business structure down the track can be quite costly. Looking at your current business needs and future goals, we help you set up the right corporate and investment structures from day one.

We can assist with the setup of all corporate structures, including:

Our business advisory team is also adept at reviewing intellectual property, its ownership structure and making sure it’s appropriately protected.

Our business advisers can act as a virtual CFO for your business

An extension of your team, a virtual CFO works hand-in-hand with you to evaluate and develop tailored financial strategies to support your business growth.

Providing you with a detailed analysis of your financial performance, without the cost of hiring a full-time CFO, our virtual CFO service gives you in-depth insights into the key drivers of your business. It also helps you identify new opportunities and keeps your business running at its optimum.

Integrating the experience and expertise of a senior financial expert with the practical, solution-focused approach of a business adviser, our Virtual CFO package includes:

  • Analysis of business expenditure
  • Evaluation and interpretation of financial reports
  • Budget and cash flow forecast
  • Identifying goals and  reviewing KPIs and benchmarks
  • Overseeing your finance function
  • Business operation insights
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Performance management support
  • A review of your risk exposures

Bundled into a fixed monthly fee, we meet with you regularly and provide easy-to-digest monthly reports. We can also incorporate our bookkeeping and compliance services to provide you with a complete accounting and financial solution.

View a sample report View a sample report

Operate in the building and construction industry? We keep you QBCC compliant

To run a business in the building and construction industry in Queensland, you need a valid QBCC licence. You’re also required to submit your financial reports to QBCC each year. Here at Sentrika, we proactively review your financial accounts before you lodge them, so we can help you identify any issues and quickly rectify them.

Preparing your Minimum Financial reports, we can also draw up a Deed of Covenant Assurance if you’re unable to meet your Net Tangible Asset requirements under your current licence.

Going further than simply lodging your financial accounts, our team takes the time to explain the QBCC requirements to you and your staff. Empowering you with knowledge, you can then improve your process and reporting efficiency. 

Buying or selling a business? Our due diligence could save or make you a lot of money

If you’re considering buying or selling a business, there are a myriad of questions you first need to ask. What is the business worth? Do you have a valuation? How do the financial records look?

Completing due diligence before you buy or sell a business, could save you from paying too much, or selling for too little. If you’re purchasing a business, our business advisers can provide you with a comprehensive business appraisal, so you know you’re paying a fair and equitable price for your new venture.

Likewise, if you’re selling your business or considering an exit strategy, we’ll make sure it’s ‘sale ready’, so you can maximise your return.

Need trusted Gold Coast business advisers who work as an extension of your team and are always on hand to provide you with the guidance your need?

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