A Guide To Tax, Accounting, and Finance for Locums

There are plenty of reasons to embrace a career as a locum doctor. From travel, to a rewarding work/life balance, and of course, the monetary incentives, it's clear why many gravitate towards this type of career. It certainly has its advantages, but navigating the financial, tax, and administrative obligations that come with it can be complex. 

For many, 'locuming' represents their first foray into the world of self-employment. To prosper in a position like this you need more than just an ABN and a 'can-do' attitude; you need a good understanding of your financial obligations and opportunities, the relevant business structures, insurance, GST, and more. These are easy to overlook when you've got a busy schedule and patients to take care of.

Our FREE guide to Tax, Accounting, and Finance for Locums explores these topics in a comprehensible format, revealing the steps required to keep on top of your finances and enjoy a long, stable, and successful career.

Sentrika Director Darryl Dyson shares how we help locum doctors make the right financial decisions.

This Guide Covers:

  • Locum Taxes and Business Structures - Discover how to select the best business structure and for your needs, and what to do when those needs change.
  • Insurances - Insurance is imperative for medical practitioners and there are several types that need to be considered.
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Concerns - Learn how to avoid the budgeting pitfalls that many new locums fall into. 
  • GST - Do you need to register for GST? 
  • Superannuation - Discover the steps you can take now to ensure a comfortable retirement (and save yourself from costly taxes).
  • Deductible Expenses - There are sizeable expenses that locums can claim on their tax. Learn what these are and how to optimise your return.
  • Home Loans - We address one of the most common questions people have when starting as a locum doctor - "Will this affect my ability to buy a house?".
  • Free Financial Consultations - Learn more about our free 30-minute initial consultation for locums.
  • Many other financial considerations for locums.

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