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Lending and Finance Solutions

From plant and equipment to property, we can help you get the finance you need to see your business grow.

Residential Property Finance

Whether you are a first home buyer or an experienced investor Sentrika can assist you in finding the best finance deal in the market. Through our referral partners and broker network we can provide our clients with the best available interest rates and most importantly, an efficient and simple application process.

If you are looking to purchase your first home, we understand that it can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. Our staff have decades of experience in dealing with property transactions and can advise you on the best lending options, grants available and all pre and post settlement issues you need to be aware of.

Commercial Finance

Funding for your business can be complex and difficult to navigate. Each financier requires different information to process an application and the parameters are never the same. Every business is different and their funding requirements are therefore, also different.

We can also assist with getting your Financial Statements ready for a finance application. Our experienced team know what banks and lenders need to see in a set of Financial Statements. In some circumstances, you may not be ready for a finance application due to the strength of your Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss statement or both. Our experienced team can provide detailed advice that will assist you to rectify any deficiencies you may have in your reporting that is preventing you from successfully obtaining finance.

We can assist with the following commercial finance requirements:

  • Motor vehicle or equipment finance
  • Cashflow finance
  • Debtor funding
  • Term loans
  • Trade finance
  • Industry specific finance (ie Medical, Professional Services etc)

SMSF Property Finance

Did you know that in limited circumstances your Self Managed Superannuation Fund can undertake a loan to purchase investment property within your Superannuation Fund? Using a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement can be an effective gearing strategy to further your investment returns within your SMSF. These borrowing arrangements are complex and require specialist advice.

Our team at Sentrika are licensed under the SMSF Advisers Network and are legally able to provide such advice to our clients. It is imperative that the structure and funding arrangements are correct prior to entering into a contract.

We can provide you with the most up to date and accurate advice you require to purchase a property within your Superannuation Fund. We have an extensive broker network that can provide funding for both Commercial and Residential property purchases within Superannuation.

If you are considering this strategy please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff today who will be able to discuss your personal circumstances and whether this would be a suitable investment for your fund.

Equipment Finance

Are you looking to buy a new car, truck, commercial machinery or fit out for your new office? We have a network of trusted brokers and financiers that specialise in sourcing and negotiating all of your equipment and asset financing needs at competitive rates. Let our specialists do the leg work for you so you don’t have to.